A healthy planet is key to healthy people, and a free new resource from Eco-Schools is helping students understand this connection. The Healthy Summer Toolkit, developed in partnership with the Bupa Foundation, offers eight engaging activities that promote student wellbeing, environmental action, and a connection with the natural world.

“From the air we breathe to the food we eat, a healthy environment is crucial for our health,” says Adam Flint, National Manager for Eco-Schools England. “This free toolkit empowers students to become environmental stewards, make positive choices, and develop healthy habits.”

Aligned with popular events throughout the summer calendar, the eight activities, which can effortlessly fit into existing lessons, will:
• Empower students to navigate eco-anxiety and develop healthy strategies to cope with environmental concerns.
• Ignite their passion for climate action by exploring how everyday choices can create positive change.
• Inspire them to become nature stewards through collective action that supports biodiversity and fosters a connection with the natural world.
• Promote healthy habits and environmental wellbeing by encouraging physical outdoor activities.

There are lots of fun ways to get involved and schools can simply pull out a few of the activities that work best for them and their students and give them a go!

Get active – deliver one (or more!) of the fun activities and empower your pupils to make a positive impact.

Inspire others – involve the whole school community by delivering a ‘Healthy Summer’ assembly using our ready-made presentation.

Spark conversations – share content across social media channels and school newsletters, highlighting positive stories and easy ways for families to get involved at home.

Enter our competition – schools can enter our ‘Healthy City’ competition for a chance to win a £1,500 voucher for outdoor learning resources (entries close on June 10th, and winners will be announced on World Wellbeing Week, commencing June 26th).

Amplifying student voices – thanks to VotesforSchools, students can also cast their vote on the important question ‘should our towns and cities have more biodiversity?’ and get their voices heard by decision-makers across the country.

It’s fun and easy to get involved!

Schools can sign up for the FREE Healthy Summer Toolkit at Healthy Summer Toolkit – Eco Schools (eco-schools.org.uk) and share their activities on social media using the hashtag #HealthySummerToolkit.