Reclaim the Rain is a fully funded Defra and Environment Agency £6.4 million innovation project, aiming to increase the resilience of six small rural communities across Norfolk and Suffolk from the impacts of flooding and drought. As a symptom of climate change, we can expect wetter winters and prolonged dry periods in summer, which with East Anglia already being the driest region in the UK, poses challenges for both businesses and our environment. Reclaim the Rain sets out to deliver innovative sustainable water management schemes which not only aim to reduce flood risk but demonstrate a tangible value in reusing this water in times where we have too little.

In January we commenced delivery in one of our communities, Boxford. Through collaboration with a local landowner, J. S. Wright & Sons Cricket Bat Company, and the local community, we planted willow trees along one of the flow path’s contributing to the village’s flood risk. Due to the trees’ high-water uptake, the willows will play a vital role in reducing surface water flood risk to Boxford. Beyond flood mitigation, the trees support infiltration, prevent soil erosion, and enhance water quality.

Beyond water resilience, Reclaim the Rain aims to provide as many additional wider benefits as possible as part of our schemes, encompassing environmental enhancements and community amenities. If you’re interested to learn more, please follow our journey on social media or check out our website

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