Business Advice Service


Funded environmental support is available for many businesses in Suffolk. The support includes:

1. Telephone and Email Support

Free telephone and email advice from a qualified Environmental Business Advisor for all SMEs (<250 employees). This advice and support is designed for SMEs that do not have time for a site visit or have a specific action in mind that they need support with. It could cover for example reviewing quotations, assessing technology suitability or highlighting potential funding streams that businesses can utilise.

Telephone: 01473 350 370

Or E-mail:

2. Business Assessments (Onsite)

For businesses with more extensive energy use, we recommend an onsite visit to ensure more accurrate results.  Most SMEs can receive free and independent advice to support reduced energy and resource consumption, advise on renewable energy options, and understand how your business may be affected by future changing weather patterns such as flood risk.

The Business Assessment is designed for SMEs and sets out the business priorities in addressing environmental impacts. The service includes an onsite assessment and comprehensive personalised report covering:

  • Carbon footprint
  • Priority actions to reduce costs & increase resource efficiency
  • Information on funding & finance options
  • Supplementary guidance on renewables, climate change adaptation, water efficiency and flood risk.

How does the service work?

A qualified advisor visits your premises and works with you. Groundwork will provide free follow up support. The aim of this work is to:

  • Understand your energy and resource use and calculate your carbon footprint and/or
    • Assess the feasibility of renewable energy systems (if you have already begun implementing energy efficiency measures)
    • Help you to plan for future impacts of climate change and issues such as resilience, water efficiency and flood risk
  • Identify practical measures to reduce your costs, carbon emissions and environmental impact
  • Improve staff awareness and understanding of your green agenda.
  • Provide follow up support to help with implementation of projects including applying for grant funding.

Is my business eligible?

The service is available to most Suffolk-based SMEs (less than 250 employees) and not-for-profit organisations. Call 01473 350 370 to discuss your eligibility.

How does my business benefit?

  • Reduced carbon footprint and energy spend
  • Better resilience to climate change
  • Increased competitiveness through improved processes and performance
  • New business opportunities
  • Improved profitability
  • Engaged and motivated staff

Any interested businesses can contact the Groundwork team and we will direct you to the appropriate advisor.

Who provides the support?

Groundwork Suffolk has been working with the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership since 2008 to deliver a number of environmental business support services. They provide quality impartial advice and have a wealth of experience of dealing with Suffolk’s businesses and grant funding schemes.  Contact your environmental business advisor on:

Telephone: 01473 350 370

Or E-mail:

Our case studies demonstrate the real benefits this service has already delivered to Suffolk businesses. Click on one of the links on the left of the page to read more. 





Any interested SMEs to contact Groundwork team on:
Telephone: 01394 444218
Or E-mail: