The food our children eat are increasingly important in schools. Increasingly schools are expected to improve the quality of school meals for all. Within Suffolk there are projects happening that encourage schools to produce local food. Be inspired by these Suffolk case studies.


Eastfeast is a team of professional gardeners, artists and teachers that helps schools deliver more effective learning based on working a school allotment through the seasons, culminating in a community feast. They work with students and teachers to develop the outdoor classroom, cultivating shared learning about the world in which we live, through food and art.

The Eastfeast method is based on children working an allotment, or garden space in the school grounds, through the seasons. A series of seasonal outdoor events concludes with a communal feast. Both the process and the concluding event create opportunities for the children and the school to celebrate and share their activities and products, both edible and artistic. Families and local volunteers play a very important part in the learning process.

To find out more about Eastfeast, go to the Eastfeast website or contact Louise or call 01728 454532