The simple way to recharge your electric car

Plug in Suffolk




Cutting through the charging confusion with 



Calling all electric vehicle drivers...

Plug in Suffolk is a pilot project to simplify the procedure of charging an electric car in this area and make Suffolk Zero Emission Vehicle ready.

Eventually covering almost every possible publicly accessible car park in Suffolk, word is quickly spreading that if you drive an electric vehicle then Suffolk is THE place to visit as it is the easiest area in which to charge up while out and about.

Do you drive an E.V.?  Just arrive at a charger, plug in and use your contactless credit card to pay for the electricity you use.

Unique features of Plug in Suffolk


Compatible with any Type 2 connector equipped vehicle (the most widely compatible connector - seen on the right of the picture below). Once your card is authorised, LET THE CHARGE BEGIN.  

No need to register with a particular network.  no need to download a smartphone app.  No specific access card required.  No key fob…  

Just a contactless credit card. 




Calling all potential site operators...

Suffolk County Council is on a journey to create the greenest county.

There are now well over 200,000 EV’s on Britain’s roads and the numbers are rising fast.  Every one of which could potentially pull up at your premises and pay you to use your charge point.

Together with a local manufacturer and local installers, the Plug in Suffolk project gives potential site holders an alternative to the current system of only being able to offer the facility of recharging an EV to a select number of exclusive club members.  Now, for the first time, the potential customer base of EV owners is every one who has a contactless credit card.

Are you in control of a car park that could benefit from E.V. charging facilities?  Or perhaps a business considering installing E.V. chargers for your clients?  Could offering public car charging be a potential revenue stream for your organisation?  Different operating models are available and there is also the option of 100% green energy. 

Visit the website at to find out more information.