How to use our cameras

We’ve created some videos below explaining how to set up, use the Flir One camera and interpret the heat loss images.

You can also view them on the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership Youtube channel here. Alternatively, you can view the Training Powerpoint that explains how to use each camera and how to interpret the heat loss images.

With thanks to Dave Green from Martlesham Climate Action who helped advise us in the beginning. Get some top tips from Dave by watching the videos below:

New for 2024

For 23/24 we are trialling 2 x Flir One Edge Pros, and initial feedback is these are a great thermal camera to use and one we will be looking to get more of for next year!

The Flir One Edge Pro wirelessly connects to your smart device or clip it onto your phone or tablet for one-handed operation. It enables you to take crisp thermal images from any angle and has an improved battery time. The wireless connection allows the same camera to be used with both Android and iOS devices. All your thermal images and videos are saved directly to your mobile device making them easily accessible for further use.

Lessons Learned Webinar

We appreciate the help and involvement from so many communities in last year’s pilot project who have helped shape how we have run this year’s scheme.  A big thank you to Heating Bildeston, Martlesham Climate Action, Greening Glemsford, Greener Peasenhall and Yaxley Parish Council, who have been so supportive in helping us create new guides, videos and who contributed to a webinar session on the lessons learnt

Here are some resources from that session:

Once you have carried out the surveys and identified those homes or buildings that need improved insulation, its very important to then signpost people to links such as Warm Homes Suffolk, or to come together as a community to carry out quick DIYs fixes, or look to set up a Community Bulk Buy for insulation materials:

Take a look at our Next Steps for information on how people can reduce the amount of heat leaving their home and other steps that can be taken once the surveys have been carried out.