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Edible Insects: Overcoming The Yuck Factor

The Food Museum Iliffe Way, Stowmarket, United Kingdom

Hear from edible insect experts, Nick Rousseau, Founder of the UK Edible Insect Association and Perez Ochieng of Sacoma Health Foods. With the need to cut down on protein sources like meat and fish because of climate change and sheer depletion, insect proteins are gaining greater acceptance as an alternative source of human food. What is the history of human eating insects? How is this category of foodstuffs regulated in the UK? What are the insects that are suitable for human consumption and how are these prepared? How nutritious are insects? How carbon-intensive is insect farming and how does its carbon footprint stack up against conventional forms of protein? These are just some of the questions that will be discussed during this fascinating 360° discussion about edible insects.


Wakelyns Open Agroforestry Weekend

Wakelyns Metfield Lane, Fressingfield, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Come and see organic agroforestry in action at one of the oldest most diverse agroforestry sites in Europe, here in Suffolk. Guided walks, information, delicious food and lots more. A fun community event for everyone with an interest in ...


Wakelyns Dal Fest

Wakelyns Metfield Lane, Fressingfield, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Wakelyns Dal Festival: Collaborating with Hodmedods, Wakelyns has been a UK pioneer in growing lentils since 2015. Following the success of our 2023 Dal Festival (260 people with 11 dal chefs), please join us for Wakelyns Dal Festival 2024 ...

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