Community groups involved with their neighbourhood plans in Suffolk benefitted from the insight of community energy professionals on 24 January 2019 at an event organised by the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership at Red Lodge Millennium Centre.

Following a brief introduction to the existing support services in Suffolk by SCCP’s Community Advisor, including funding and free energy efficiency reviews for community buildings, the audience were introduced to different types of community energy projects happening around the country by Emma Bridge of Community Energy England, who highlighted the drivers and inhibitors of success.

The group then participated in discussions and group activities designed and delivered by Graham McGrath of the Centre for Sustainable Energy, getting participants to think about what type of projects their community’s landscape would be suitable for, the key stakeholders to consider when planning community energy projects and how to work with the neighbourhood planning process to facilitate them.

Presentations were also made by John Taylor of the Greater South East Energy Hub on how community energy fits into the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s plans, and by Martin Hunt of Forum for the Future, who introduced a new innovative online dating style portal ‘Power Paired’ to match available community assets with community energy groups.

All presentations from the event can be viewed here:

An introduction to existing support services – Jamie Murphy, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership

An update on the community energy sector – Emma Bridge, Community Energy England

Local Energy Planning: Landscape and Community – Graham McGrath, Centre for Sustainable Energy

Neighbourhood Planning: Strengthening the role of communities in renewable energy – Graham McGrath, Centre for Sustainable Energy

Greater South East Energy Hub, Community Energy and Neighbourhood Planning – John Taylor, Greater South East Energy Hub

Welcome to PowerPaired – Martin Hunt, Forum for the Future

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