[Source: Suffolk County Council]

Guests network at the Carbon Charter annual event

462 businesses are leading the way across Suffolk and Norfolk, actively reducing their carbon emissions.

All of these companies are holders of a Carbon Charter award, a scheme which recognises businesses across Suffolk and Norfolk which are actively reducing their impact on the environment.

These businesses were acknowledged at the annual Carbon Charter event (6 July 2022), organised by Suffolk County Council, and held at Anglia Car Charging’s base in Broome – themselves a recent recipient of a Silver Carbon Charter Award.

Councillor Richard Rout, Suffolk County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance & Environment, said:

“The Carbon Charter has proved an incredibly successful scheme, which Suffolk County Council set up 12 years ago, in partnership with the Environment Agency. It highlights the hundreds of enterprises across Suffolk and Norfolk who understand how important it is to tackle climate change.

“These businesses are changing the way they operate, influencing their supply chain and educating their staff – all of which shows a business can be sustainable and successful.

“The council and all authorities across Suffolk are actively investing in reducing carbon emissions, through the work of the Suffolk Climate Emergency Plan with the aim of being a Net Zero county by 2030. We are proud to lead by example in Suffolk, and are nationally recognised for doing so.

“But this isn’t something that the council, or Suffolk’s local authorities can do alone. The key players are the businesses like the ones recognised here today.”

Denny Brothers Printers, based in Bury St Edmunds, were presented with their Gold Carbon Charter award at the event. They have long been a vocal advocate of the low carbon technologies that all printers should utilise to stay competitive in an increasingly green-conscious market.

Beckett Invest Management Group received a Silver Carbon Charter award, which was presented to Director, Samantha Owen.

The hosts, Anglia Car Charging, also received their Silver award.
Richard Seppings, Anglia Car Charging’s Managing Director, said:

“It was a real honour to be asked to host this year’s Carbon Charter summer event, and to be able to highlight not only what Anglia Car Charging stands for but also the conservation and rewilding project my wife, Lucy, is creating. I was delighted that Anglia Car Charging was accredited with the Carbon Charter Silver Award.

“The vision I have is that we should all be working together to create a powerful region, becoming a leading light for sustainable carbon reduction and renewable energy and the greenest region – capable of showing the rest of the country what is possible. The principles of lean will almost certainly lead to green and an excellent starting point is with the Carbon Charter.”

The event was funded by the BEE Anglia project, which has provided free consultancy and £1.6 million in grants to over 1,000 businesses across Suffolk and Norfolk, to support them in leading the way towards a Zero Carbon economy.

For more information on the Carbon Charter scheme, visit www.carboncharter.org