[Source: West Suffolk Council]

Plans have been submitted to improve the memorial gardens in Mildenhall and create electric vehicle charging points on the site of the former swimming pool.

The proposals include the demolition of the former pool which has now been replaced with the larger and more modern facilities at the Mildenhall Hub.

Once through the demolition notice stage the former pool site will be demolished and levelled. There will then be investment in memorial gardens, following engagement with local ward councillors, to make it more accessible and inviting for the local community to use. Two electric vehicle rapid charging points with parking will be installed and the path widened for better pedestrian safety.

Mildenhall Hub has gone on from strength to strength – bringing leisure, health, education, public and commercial services together. Figures just out from Abbeycroft show that footfall is up by 78 per cent this January compared with January 2020 pre-COVID. Membership is also up 72 per cent compared with the same time and the swim scheme has also grown by 53 per cent.

The former swimming pool site is currently vacant but has lately had issues with anti-social behaviour and this interim management plan will remove holding costs for continued maintenance, business rates and security. The current fencing will remain as part of those security measures.

Cllr Sarah Broughton said:

“Now that the Mildenhall Hub is open and doing so well we can make interim plans to demolish the old site and improve the area. Not only investing with the community in the memorial garden but as part of our aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 installing electric vehicle rapid charging points to help current and future generations.”