Swap #BlackFriday4GreenFriday with the Green Light Trust

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Green Light Trust has launched its annual swap #blackfriday4greenfriday campaign. Instead of buying things we do not need and adding to mountains of unnecessary waste, let’s swap #blackfriday4greenfriday on Friday 25th November.

Tom Brown, CEO of Green Light Trust, said:

“Our annual campaign that we are launching today is about doing one thing for our planet.  Sometimes the calamity of the climate emergency seems overwhelming but if we all act and do one thing, we can and will make a difference.  We all know what we could do but we do not always do it.  Over the next couple of weeks consumerism and mass consumption goes into overdrive.  Let’s take a moment and make a change this #blackfriday which will make a difference to our planet. Waste and mass consumerism is unsustainable, and we are calling on everyone to take stock; do one thing for the environment and make change happen today.  The time to act is now, we cannot afford to leave this to others.”

Each of us can make small changes that will incrementally help save our planet, like checking where our fruit and vegetables have come from.  East Anglian strawberries in season are simply the best, but summer berries flown in from the southern hemisphere not quite so good.  Looking at where we eat from is the first stage but changing what we eat might be the better option for both our health and that of the planet. These changes don’t have to be extreme, either-or decisions, becoming a vegan might be the ideal but reducing weekly meat consumption is better for both our health and the planet.  The Green Light Trust is calling on us all to do one thing which is achievable, e.g. not filling the kettle with more water than you need, not leaving the tap running when we brush our teeth; nothing is too small.

How to take part in the campaign

Take a selfie of you making one small change that will help the environment. Share on the Green Light Trust Facebook page, or on their Instagram page using #blackfriday4greenFriday. Alternatively make a difference by donating to The Green Light Trust. You can donate to www.greenlighttrust.org/appeal/donate

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